But Which Oil Mod Should I Do?

  • Posted on: 15 May 2016
  • By: Editor

You have already read Phil's article "Don't Freak on the Cam Stuff!" (You did go through the "Required Reading" section, right?)

Now you want to do an oil mod on your machine. But which one should you use?

Here are links to some of the many different approaches to the oil mod. Take your pick....

Tony Donisi's Landry-Schoeb Oil Mod -- [RBL V4 Files]
Donisi Oil Mod Diagram -- [RBL V4 Files]
Original Landry Oil Mod -- [RBL V4 Files]
Landry-Schoeb Oil Mod -- [RBL V4 Files]
Original Tierney-Hollen Oil Mod Kit -- [RBL V4 Files]
Art Reitsma's T-H Style Mod -- Art Reitsma
Dave Dodge (DRP) Drill'n'Tap Oil Mod Installation -- Greg Terpin
Dale Walker's Holeshot (T-H) Oil Kit

Of course, as Jack Hunt recently pointed out, "Do we even need oil mods? If a bike has made it 30 years without one, chances are it won't ever need one."